Vauquiedor Farm

The installation at Vauquiedor Farm was to produce additional car parking spaces for the client. Island Construction Limited commented on the product “there was a considerable saving of between 35-50% on the installation of Gridforce against other traditional methods”. Not only was there a big reduction in construction costs but with the project being in a valley area of the island drainage was also a consideration. Gridforce is self draining and the need for additional drainage was not required, a further saving. 20mm local gravel was installed and the product deals with the drainage immediately. Kevin Simon the Channel Island distributor said “this contract illustrates the benefits of gridforce against more traditional methods and Gridforce is now becoming recognised as the future”. The Gridforce managing director also made remarks about how forward thinking Guernsey is with regards to the environmental and climate issues we are all facing. The product is 100% recycled and the Guernsey community recognises this as a clear distinctive benefit. This contract is just one of many successful Gridforce installations carried out and our Gridforce range cannot be competed against with loadings of up to 400 tonnes/ m2. Our case studies are now being recognised. With the ever difficult market conditions Gridforce is a cost viable alternative solution to additional car parking amongst other uses.