Kew and Ham

kah Project Kew and Ham Sports Association Application 2300m2 gravel finish Product GF 40 black Location Twickenham Installers Gridforce Installation Team The Challenge Kew and Ham Sports Association needed a new aesthetically pleasing car park for their newly built Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). As well as trafficking cars, the car park needed to be able to withstand heavy goods vehicles for the on-going work. Prior to the work, the area was grass land which had been worn down by previous traffic leaving a muddy mess. The Solution The land was prepared for laying the grid by removing excess grass land and digging down to the substrate.  MOT type 3 was then laid and compacted to provide a firm surface and allow for adequate drainage. A sheet of geotextile membrane was laid on top of the sub-base to prevent any further weed growth and act as a separating layer. This was then covered with a layer of sand providing a levelling layer and forming a bedding layer for the grid. The GF40 pavers were laid and connected into place to cover the required area.  The grid was then in filled with 14mm angular gravel. Two colours of gravel were used to differentiate the parking and the access routes. Additionally, parking markers were used to highlight the parking bay areas. Conclusion The installation work on this car park was carried out by the Gridforce installation team in June 2012, and within a short space of time the original grass land had been transformed and was available for use.  The Gridforce ground reinforcement system allows vehicular stability, water infiltration and the reinforced gravelled finish the customer required. Client Benefits
  • Gridforce has a 10 year product guarantee
  • Gridforce units weigh only 1.4kg each (5.6kg/m2), well within safe manual handling limits
  • Gridforce is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic
  • Gridforce’s patented lug and slot connection aids line and level accuracy and facilitates fast installation
  • Local materials used in construction of the car park base and stone used in filling Gridforce
  • Permeable surface means no drainage infrastructure required and no storm water run off issues
  • Rainwater returned to the water table, ensuring no further burden on existing sewer system and alleviating risk of flooding