Stan Brouard Project

Project at a glance


To create a hardstanding surface for heavy goods vehicles for a new light industrial distribution warehouse covering 3330square metres.


The Garden & Leisure Store, Landes du Marche, Vale, Guernsey

Installation Date

June 2011


Stan Brouard Ltd.


David Lesbirel – Guernsey


BW Builders – Guernsey

The Challenge

To create a hard wearing surface which would withstand constant heavy use by HGVs, forklifts, etc.

The Solution

Installation of Gridforce GF40 filled with aggregate on top of a geotextile membrane and levelling layer of dust with a sub base of 400mm of crushed stone. Although there are many options such as tarmac, concrete and paving, none of these are as effective as Gridforce. There are many advantages to using Gridforce, it has a load bearing capacity of up to 400 tonnes per square metre and is made from 100% recycled low density plastic – which means a greater flexibility enabling it to move without cracking and to withstand extreme temperatures (-30 upto 85°C). Where Gridforce really stands out is its filtration system, surface water immediately drains back into the water table, which eliminates the need for pipe work.