Project at a glance


To create a hardstanding surface for heavy goods vehicles for a new light industrial distribution warehouse covering 3330square metres.


The Garden & Leisure Store, Landes du Marche, Vale, Guernsey

Installation Date

June 2011


Stan Brouard Ltd.


David Lesbirel – Guernsey


BW Builders – Guernsey

The Challenge

To create a hard wearing surface which would withstand constant heavy use by HGVs, forklifts, etc.

The Solution

Installation of Gridforce GF40 filled with aggregate on top of a geotextile membrane and levelling layer of dust with a sub base of 400mm of crushed stone. Although there are many options such as tarmac, concrete and paving, none of these are as effective as Gridforce. There are many advantages to using Gridforce, it has a load bearing capacity of up to 400 tonnes per square metre and is made from 100% recycled low density plastic – which means a greater flexibility enabling it to move without cracking and to withstand extreme temperatures (-30 upto 85°C). Where Gridforce really stands out is its filtration system, surface water immediately drains back into the water table, which eliminates the need for pipe work.
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An overflow car park with 22 spaces was required and The Department of Transport’s preference was for the area to still look like grass, but be reinforced for vehicle usage.
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Ross-on-Wye Golf Club were experiencing drainage problems in several locations on their course. Greens and fairways had saturated areas caused by a combination of the increasing rainfall and the reduced drainage capacity of the clay-based subsoil. The course was unplayable, forcing temporary closure which impacted on club revenue and members’ satisfaction.
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High costs for excavation were expected, and site access for multiple deliveries posed problems. The original proposed soakaway was designed to be 65m long, 2.1m deep and 1.8m wide to accommodate the required drainage for this particular location.
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The installation at Vauquiedor Farm was to produce additional car parking spaces for the client. Island Construction Limited commented on the product “there was a considerable saving of between 35-50% on the installation of Gridforce against other traditional methods”. Not only was there a big reduction in construction costs but with the project being in a valley area of the island drainage was also a consideration. Gridforce is self draining and the need for additional drainage was not required, a further saving. 20mm local gravel was installed and the product deals with the drainage immediately. Kevin Simon the Channel Island distributor said “this contract illustrates the benefits of gridforce against more traditional methods and Gridforce is now becoming recognised as the future”. The Gridforce managing director also made remarks about how forward thinking Guernsey is with regards to the environmental and climate issues we are all facing. The product is 100% recycled and the Guernsey community recognises this as a clear distinctive benefit. This contract is just one of many successful Gridforce installations carried out and our Gridforce range cannot be competed against with loadings of up to 400 tonnes/ m2. Our case studies are now being recognised. With the ever difficult market conditions Gridforce is a cost viable alternative solution to additional car parking amongst other uses.

Twycross ZooThe Challenge Continuing its policy of expansion, Twycross Zoo commenced construction of its new £7,000,000 Himalaya Visitor Welcome Centre in March 2009. Himalaya was designed to emerge naturally from the landscape, and the use of local sustainable materials, ground source heating and landscaping to attract biodiversity were considered fundamental to the development. Design and construction of Himalaya was entrusted to Kier Marriott Construction Ltd, through its Nottingham office.  Various options were considered for the car parking, but bearing in mind that materials used on the previous car parking areas had not always been an unqualified success, the Gridforce ground reinforcement system was selected and approved.  After a 12 month construction period, the Himalaya Centre opened to visitors in March 2010. Application: Parking for new visitors centre Location: Twycross Zoo, Leicestershire Installation Date: Early 2010 Client: Kier Marriott Construction Ltd (Nottingham) -appointed design and build contractor for Twycross Zoo. Gridforce Solution 2060m2 of Gridforce GF40 pavers in black, manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. Construction Details Base: 300mm of crushed stone on a layer of geotextile Blinding Layer: 20mm of coarse grid sand Surface material: Gridforce GF40 pavers (unit size 500x500x40mm but delivered pre-connected in 1m2 = 4 pavers per panel). Pavers filled with 10mm angular granite. Client Benefits
  • Gridforce units weigh only 1.4kg each (5.6kg/m2), well within safe manual handling limits
  • Gridforce is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic
  • Gridforce’s patented lug and slot connection aids line and level accuracy and facilitates fast installation
  • Local materials used in construction of the car park base and stone used in filling Gridforce
  • Permeable surface means no drainage infrastructure required and no storm water run off issues
  • Rainwater returned to the water table, ensuring no further burden on existing sewer system and alleviating risk of flooding
  • Carl Ellis of Melfort Construction commented that ‘the pavers were easy to lay, enabling us to complete installation on time.  We were also very pleased with the level of support on site from the Gridforce representative and I know that Twycross Zoo are very happy with the appearance of the car parking area’.
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